Dear supporters from our Crowdfunding campaign from last winter,

We from ReMoD wanted to thank you all for your wonderful support. In our Crowdfundung campaign, which ran from November 16 to January 6 , a total of 7335 € and a little more via donations from all over the world have come together. In total, 57 people supported our idea on the platform. While we have not reached our target of € 20,000, it was a huge success, considering that 80% of the campaigns do not even reach 20%, while we have already achieved that after a few days.

Now also our offered Perks are ready: Postcards and shopping bags are being shipped and our book „Applied biomechanics – walking training for hemiparesis patients“ is completed and only needs to be corrected and needs a layout.

The collected money is urgently needed to finally get on with the development process. We would like to thank all the backers who have supported us not only financially, but also give us hope, as we realize that we are not the only ones who believe in our idea.

Your ReMoD team

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