ReMoD is a Berlin-based start-up active in the field of rehabilitation technology. Their focus is a new method of correcting posture and movement of patients with postural defects.

The team focuses on hemiparesis patients. Hemiparesis is a partial paralysis of one side of the body, which mainly occurs following a stroke. This innovative method was nominated in 2010 by the Scientific Committee of ISPO Germany/Switzerland/Austria for the Best Paper Award in the science category. ReMoD was sponsored by the German Federal Ministry of Economy and Energy, the European Social Fund for Germany and received EXIST grant from the European Union. ReMoD has 20 years experience in dealing with hemiparesis and has successfully worked for 10 years with a device for the correction of posture and movement and corresponding movement training. The team is made up of half hemiparesis patients or stroke sufferers.

ReMoD knows what it’s talking about.




Team member Dindia Gutmann’s condition was the impetus for the development of ReMoD (Remember Motion Device). Following a stroke, Dindia Gutmann became paralyzed on one side and suffers from spastic hemiparesis since her birth in 1990. The immobility induced by the paralysis led to various other secondary damages, which in turn caused more mobility problems and finally made independent movement almost impossible. The fact that no long-term effective treatment method was available for the condition promoted the mother and daughter team to develop a device for correcting posture and movement.



From torch to minicomputersvon-taschenlampe-zum-minicomputer-beschnitten

Without any prior technical knowledge Anna Gutmann developed a device that allowed her partially paralysed daughter to relearn how to walk. The first prototype was built in 2005. The progress made in walking with the device led to a considerable decrease in secondary damages. Among other things, the level of spasticity sharply decreased.

Between 2008-2013 this device has been developed in collaboration with the Department of Medical Technology of the Technical University of Berlin within the framework of various graduate theses. Initially Steven Herrschaft was the developer and the supervisor was Dr. Roßdeutscher. In the summer of 2012 Andras Botos took over the development of the current device (4th generation), followed by Andreas Botos in 2014.


Prizes und Awards

In 2013 Andras Botos and Dindia Gutmann received the ESF prototype scholarship from the Start-Up service of the TU Berlin. From this sponsorship, a sophisticated prototype was built. A year later, the ReMoD received the EXIST scholarship and developed a market ready prototype.

At the start of 2015 ReMoD won 1st prize in the first stage of the business plan competition of Berlin / Brandenburg in the category „Business Model Canvas“. The team once again took 1st place in the second stage of the competition, this time in the category „Business Plan“.