We at ReMoD have great news!

The program “Horizon 2020” by the European Union has awarded our idea in the first stage of their competition! Even better: our project was chosen as the second best project in the field of health!

The program Horizon 2020 was created by the European Union as a main instrument for the promotion of science, technological development and innovation. With this, the EU does not only want to strengthen the European competitiveness, but also intends to close the gap between research and market and to find solutions to societal challenges, as the brochure of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research says.

Since launching this program in 2014, 100,000 projects have applied, of which only 11,000 projects have been awarded. This competition was tough, but that makes us even more proud that our project has been granted in the first phase, and especially being awarded as the second best project in the health department. ReMoD now wants to use his support to finance the final development phase. And of course, we will also apply for the second phase of the program.

We are therefore very proud and grateful for this support and the trust Horizon 2020 puts in our idea.

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